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Build your content marketing campaigns with The Mad Caddy.

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  • Engage with your existing contacts and increase return business

  • Increase website traffic, rankings, and social media engagement

  • Keep contacts engaged with fresh content regarding your product or services

Content marketing is a proven method that helps grow any business, but the key is to the delivery. We use the same content marketing strategies that helped The Mad Caddy grow for your business.

Our content marketing strategies are easy, effective, and make sense. You can expect the highest level of service and a trusted partner.

Included in our Marketing Package

5 Content Marketing Strategies to Start Today

  1. Set a goal for each content piece with the end in mind. 

  2. Match your content to what action you want your readers to take

  3. Target topics based on your audience’s needs. 

  4. Format your content with a clear strategy.

  5. Don’t be shy about linking to 3rd party sources if it will truly educate your audience - just be cautious of your follow/no-follow link ratio.

"We wanted to stay engaged with our clients and grow our audience, but we weren't sure the content to put out. The Mad Caddy was able to find exactly what our customers were looking for and tailor our monthly newsletters.


They dramatically helped our customer engagement and return business."

Becky G.

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