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Google Business Profile Optimization Services

The easiest, most efficient way to get your Google Business Profile optimized. Only $499.

Google Business Profile Optimization Services Overview

Are you a small business owner wishing for your Google Business Profile (GBP) to rank higher on the search engines and surpass your competitors? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


At The Mad Caddy, our Google Business Profile services are designed specifically for the local small business owner looking to maximize their GBP listing to its full potential. 


Instead of spending months researching GBP best practices, and weeks attempting to execute those strategies yourself, why not enlist our experts at The Mad Caddy to do the work and gain the results for you? 

With Google Business Profile services from The Mad Caddy, you can expect to work directly with our GBP experts who will audit your current listing and develop an implementation action plan created to get your business listing to the top of the local 3-pack. 

Our team has successfully optimized 100’s of Google Business Profile listings locally and nationally. Let The Mad Caddy do the same for you! 

Google Business Profile can drive a massive amount of quality local traffic from customers interested in the products and services you offer in your city.

When your Google Business Profile is set up correctly, you can expect massive results from local customers who are already interested in your services and are now able to find you.

“The team at The Mad Caddy is absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend them to everyone I meet. They have made my business grow exponentially. I truly trust their insight and knowledge of what people want and need when they are searching the internet. They are a powerhouse of professionalism and excellence.” 


Professional Dog Trainer & Owner of Canine Julz

Google Business Profile Optimization Service FAQ

How long will it take to optimize my Google Business Profile?

From beginning to end, our Google My Business Optimization services take around one to two weeks to complete from your specific start date. Because you’ll be working closely with our GBP experts, you’ll be updated every step of the way! 


Our team will keep you updated, no matter how many Google Business Profile listings we’re optimizing for you!

Does Your GBP Optimization Services Include Optimizing My Website?

No, our Google Business Profile optimization services purely focus on optimizing your GBP listing. However, The Mad Caddy does offer website optimization services. 


To learn more about our website optimization solutions, book some time to meet today!

Who Will Be in Charge of Approving GBP Listing Contents, Edits, and Posts?

At The Mad Caddy, our SEO team consists of skilled and experienced content writers and creators. While the option of manual reviews of your Google Business Profile content is available, most clients trust us to manage the content. 


At The Mad Caddy, we have an entire team of seasoned professionals who are responsible for all GBP content, edits, Q&A's, and posts.

When Can I Expect to See My GBP Results?

Your Google Business Profile optimization results depend on your specific market, industry, and location. Generally, our GBP clients begin to see results within 30 to 90 days of project completion. 


With that said, our The Mad Caddy would like to suggest planning to see more activity from your GBP results within 90 days!

Will Your Google Business Profile Optimizations Services Guarantee Results?

While having your Google Business Profile listing optimized will help maximize your rankings, traffic, and leads, our team suggests signing up for ongoing GBP management and promotion to get the most out of your Google Business Profile presence as GBP is always evolving!

2. We Audit Your GBP Listing

Next, our Google Business Profile experts at The Mad Caddy will conduct a full audit of your GBP listing based on SEO best practices and the information you provided about your business and location in step one. 


Once your business audit is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed checklist that shows where exactly your GBP listing stands. 

3. We Create A Personalized Action Plan

With your business audit complete, our team will develop an action plan fully customized to your company. Your action plan will include a detailed outline of how we plan to enhance the optimization of your GBP listing. 


Once your personalized action plan is reviewed by you and approved, our team gets to work right away, using your search engine optimization expertise and best practices research to optimize your Google Business Profile listing!

4. Our Team Improves and Optimizes Your Google Business Profile Listing

Once our Mad Caddy team has finalized your Google Business Profile action plan, we will implement any necessary changes and apply updates to fully optimize your GBP listing. When complete, we will revamp your listing’s checklist to show you all the work that’s been done.

5. You See Real Results: More Traffic, Higher Rankings, and Increases in Revenue

Now that your GBP listing is optimized fully, you can begin seeing the results you desire in as little as 30 to 90 days of Google Business Profile strategy completion.


This 30 to 90 day timeframe will allow you to prepare yourself and your business for the new rankings, leads, and traffic coming your way!

Our Google Business Profile Optimization services follow a data-backed strategy involving 5 steps.

Once you book a time to meet, we discuss the details of your business and location of operation. Our team uses these imperative details to our advantage, highlighting everything that makes your company unique and applying them to fully optimize your GBP profile.

1. You Tell Our Experts About Your Business and Location

How Google Business Profile Optimization Services Work at The Mad Caddy

29% of people search for local businesses at least once a week and over 50% of all “near me” searches will result in an offline store visit.

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