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How to add Google Analytics to your Wix website

In recent years, the value of website analytics has grown dramatically.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has become a trusted method to improve performance and discover valuable insights to help you build the right website for your business.

Google Analytics provides metrics to understand your customers' behavior, which will help you create a better website and increase conversions and growth.

How can Google Analytics be used to boost your online business?

Location and device

One of the first questions we usually ask when building a site is, “where is my visitor coming from?

By knowing this information, you can improve how you write content and structure your site.

Note that this information will include the visitor's location and device. This means that you can control where the visitor is coming from, for example, by not tracking visitors from a mobile device when viewing the data.

Session & Date

The next question you might ask is “what's the session duration?”

Meaning, how long does a visitor spend on your website before leaving?

What's important to remember here is that Google Analytics is actively monitoring all site visitors. This is so you can get an idea of how long a visitor is taking to make a purchase.

Meaning that if they are spending long periods of time trying to make a purchase, but they are not purchasing, that means you need to add more product information or better graphics to show the product or service and its value.

You can also gain insights into this if you can measure the speed with which a visitor is scrolling through the website. The faster they are scrolling, the more likely they are to be on the move to buy.

Visitor Content

If a visitor enters your website, what content is displayed to them?

By the end of the visit, you should be able to identify the following:

  • Where are they are spending the most time on your site?

  • What content is visible to them?

  • Why they are on the website?

  • Did they convert? What page did they fall off on?

Once you've had the chance to access the page viewed by your visitors, you can provide a better experience by showing more information about the product or service, giving clear ways to contact you, and highlighting sales materials.

If you want to build trust, get the visitor on your landing page quickly, and show them the product or service you are selling, include a testimonial.

You can also get insights into the content of the page by identifying which clicks to the next page, which includes the headline, product or service details, your call to action, and the closing line.

The specific content on your landing page depends on how much the visitor knows. If they have enough information to read the headline, they may not want to move to the next page.

Try to include some high-level visual elements. Put a large image of the product or service, explain in simple text how it works, and a clear call to action.

When visitors are on a page, they expect to be able to click to the next page and move through the form easily in order to convert.

These are just a few of the many different ways to use Google Analytics to improve your website metrics.

How to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your Wix site

Adding Google Analytics to your website will provide you with additional data such as the number of visitors and page views, where your visitors come from, and how long they stay.

These are important SEO factors that tie into Google Core Vitals.

Locate Your Google Analytics Tracking ID

First, sign in to your Google Analytics account and click the Admin icon at the bottom left of the page.

Next, under the Property section, click:

  1. Tracking Info

  2. Click Tracking Code

  3. Copy your Tracking ID

After copying your Google Analytics ID follow the next step to add the Tracking ID to your Wix Website.


If your ID begins with G-***, you created your property to track an App as opposed to a website.

To get a UA-*** website tracking ID, you will need to delete your App property and create a new "Web" property for your website.

Add the Google Tracking ID to Your Wix Site

After copying your new Google Analytics ID, go to Marketing Integrations.

Go to Google Analytics and click Connect.

Next, at the top right click Connect Google Analytics.

Paste your Google Analytics ID and click save.

Note: It's always a good idea to check that there are no extra spaces before the tracking ID.

After clicking save, your website is now set up with Google Analytics.

By logging into your Google Analytics account, you will start to see data and insights that can be used to help improve your website traffic and rankings.


You do not need to add the Google Analytics Tracking ID to each page of your site.

Make sure that your Google Analytics Tracking ID is assigned to the correct website.

It can take up to one week before you see website data in your Google Analytics account.

We would love to help you get set up correctly with the right tracking in order to maximize your online success.


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