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Improve Google Maps Rankings with Local SEO Services

Is your small business's Google Maps rankings falling short? Are you nowhere near the coveted local 3-pack? Our Google Maps marketing and local SEO services may be the solutions you need!

At The Mad Caddy, we specialize in helping small businesses maximize local searchability and exposure by improving their Google Maps rankings.

Our experts take the time to show you how to harness the power of Google Maps marketing. And, you can count on us to help you take advantage of what our local SEO strategies have to offer.

Our experts take a comprehensive approach to local search engine optimization that combines:

Our Google Maps marketing and local SEO services offer a multi-faceted approach that is sure to benefit your small business. Whether you wish to boost your Google Maps rankings or dominate the local 3-pack.

We’ve taken the time to design our Google Maps and local SEO solutions to meet your small business’s needs and goals. We believe in providing a full scope of optimization services to increase your exposure in the local 3-pack and Google Maps.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, The Mad Caddy can help small businesses discover the untapped potential of ranking on Google Maps. To learn more about our Google Maps marketing and local SEO services, call us at 951-215-6729 or book a free consultation!

Close up image of Google Maps app on a smartphone.
Google Maps Rankings

Local SEO Designed to Boost Google Maps Rankings

Since the introduction of local 3-packs, it has become essential to optimize your business’s listing.

Being on top of the local 3-pack is essential in this day and age because most people search online before:

  • Going out

  • Picking up to-go

  • Ordering from home

Local Google Maps optimization can be a powerful investment in marketing if you’re a small business owner looking to reach customers who live nearby.

Understanding the Value of Marketing on Google Maps

Google search engine results pages (SERPs) display local map listings based on the users’ location and keyword search. For example, if you search for “Thai food Murrieta,” Google will display the most relevant results based on your current location.

This is because users consider geo-modifiers vital for searching online to find businesses in their area of residence or interest. In turn, this creates an opportunity for your small business to gain more exposure!

Behind Google Maps’ SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO for Google Maps includes many factors besides organic SEO strategies.

Some of the key factors that influence Google Maps rankings and local search engine optimization include:

  • Verifying your company’s Google Business Profile listing

  • The accuracy and volume of your small business citations

  • The number and average rating score of reviews on your local GBP page

  • Locating your business proximity to the center of your city or the geotarget

  • How optimized and popular your company’s Google Business Profile page is

  • The domain authority of your small business’s website

  • Mentioning your citations on your company’s website and if they’re linked to your GBP listing

What it takes to rank on Google Maps can be overwhelming for any small business. It's important to have a solid SEO strategy designed to get your company in the local 3-pack!

4 Reasons Marketing for Google Maps is Important

With the Internet becoming more mobile, the need and relevancy for Google Maps marketing are on the rise.

If you aren't convinced, below are 4 reasons Google Maps marketing is essential.

  1. With up to 85% of internet users own a smartphone, today’s digital world revolves around mobile use.

  2. More than 54.8% of Google searches happen on a smartphone to look for a local small business’s product, service, or other information.

  3. Google Maps is the most popular app used on mobile devices for users looking for local services. As a result, Google Maps marketing can provide exposure for small businesses that is often unmatched.

  4. Google search continues to center around local users looking for products and services nearby. Besides marketing opportunities, Google Maps shows business and brand information such as location, hours of operation, reviews, and directions.

When it comes to marketing your business for Google Maps with local SEO, the strategies of your digital marketing agency makes all the difference.

For this reason, it’s essential to partner with a digital marketing company that implements proven services and solutions customized to your small business.

Google Maps & Local SEO Services: An In-Depth Look

To apply a winning local SEO strategy, you should have your small business listed on the many search engines (Google Business Profile, Yahoo! Business Listings, and Bing Local). You may have a GBP page and not realize it.

Our experts implement Google Maps marketing by doing a detailed review of your business’s web presence and properties. An essential step in boosting Google Maps rankings is claiming and verifying ownership of your Google Business Profile listing.

Some of these vital steps include:

  • Filling out all information regarding your business, including address, hours of operation, and contact information

  • Tagging your GBP page with all appropriate categories, so your listing is categorized properly

  • Adding optimized business content, videos, and images

  • Applying a review generation tactic to gain more 5-star ratings on GBP, and other web pages like Bing Local and Yelp.

  • Auditing your business’s citations and optimizing those citations for accuracy and consistency.

Looking for More Google Maps & Local SEO Information?

Does your small business need a boost in its Google Maps rankings?

At The Mad Caddy, we specialize in helping small businesses grow and gain more exposure with our innovative approach to Google Maps marketing.

Give us a call at 951-215-6729 or click here to schedule a hassle-free consultation!



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