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Reddit Link Building: Setting up notifications for your keywords

Reddit Link Building
Reddit Link Building

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a large community of users that collectively:

  1. Submit Content (posts or comments)

  2. Comment on posts or other users comments

  3. UpVote or DownVote posts or other users comments

If a post gets lots of up votes it moves up the Reddit rankings so that more people can see it.

For any business, Reddit link building can be a valuable strategy for generating quality traffic.

Can Reddit help with SEO?

Reddit can be an effective tool to attract more targeted, quality traffic to your website, blog, or another online resource.

With content being important to your overall SEO strategy, Reddit can be a powerful resource when:

  • Promoting new content

  • Understanding user intent

  • Increase in quality traffic

  • Building your brand

How can Reddit link building help?

Reddit users are able to share anything in most Reddit posts or comments (including links to their own content).

Reddit sets each post as nofollow by default initially, to reduce webmasters or paid third parties from spamming links to their site.

The good news is not every backlink from Reddit will be a nofollow.

Reddit’s algorithm works on the back-end to convert nofollow links into dofollow links when certain conditions are met such as upvotes or shares.

How do I get a Reddit dofollow link?

While no one knows the exact algorithm Reddit uses for assigning dofollow links, it's a common understanding that the more Reddit users engage with your post or comments, the more likely your link will convert to a dofollow.

Reddit will convert the links shared in a text post or comment into a dofollow once a submission acquires 5-7 up votes.

When your post or comment is found to be a valuable resource to the Reddit community through up votes and other interactions, you will see steady, sometimes sudden, increases to your website traffic.

There are a variety of strategies you can use to improve your up votes such as:

  • Be Active on New Posts

  • Focus on Quality

  • Inspire Discussions

  • Engage the People Who Comment on Your Posts

  • Use Creative Titles for Links

  • Post to Videos and Photos When You Can

Why should I set up Reddit keyword notifications?

Reddit link building can be a great strategy when promoting your brand, products, and services.

Keyword notifications allow you to catch new posts going up that your company or brand can provide valuable insight to.

  • Answering a user question in your industry

  • Providing a resource to help engage other users

  • Introducing your products or services as a solution

By addressing the needs of the user with valuable insight, Reddit will reward you with a dofollow link and better visibility as your post/ comment receives up votes.

Track your Reddit keyword notifications to improve linking opportunities

Access your Zapier Dashboard

First, access Zapier and go to your dashboard.

You will notice the Zapier dashboard has a clean interface with an easy navigation to the different components of the platform.

From this screen, select make a Zap to start the process of tracking linking opportunities in Zapier.

Keep in mind, Zapier doesn’t give do-follow backlinks unless the post/ comment has 7+ up votes. Posts and comments default to nofollow to avoid spam and allow helpful content to succeed.

Setting up a Reddit Zapier

Second, type Reddit into the search bar and click the icon below.

From the drop-down menu, select New Post Or Comment Matching Search and select continue.

Then, select your Reddit account (or add a new one) and select continue.

Input keyword to track in Reddit

In the next section, you want to input your keywords (separate each keyword with space) and select yes on Include Subreddits dropdown.

Keep in mind all included keywords in your search query need to be present in the new Reddit post or comment in order for the Zapier to notify you.

After inputting your keywords and hitting continue it's time to test your Zap. Click test trigger.

Test your Reddit keyword notification trigger

After testing your Zap, you should receive an updated message confirming your trigger works with an example post or comment to review.

This is a good time to review your targeted keywords for adjustments.

After confirming your keywords are pulling the correct information, select continue to set up notifications.

Setup trigger notifications for your targeted keyword

Next, you are going to set up notifications in order to track when a new keyword is mentioned or used in Reddit.

In the next fields, select Gmail (or current email provider) from the Choose App & Event dropdown.

Then from the Choose Action Event dropdown, select Send Email and hit continue.

To establish keyword notifications through Reddit, you will need to fill out the following sections properly with the correct fields to receive.

  1. To: your email (to receive notifications)

  2. From: your email

  3. Subject: Reddit Keyword Mention: Keyword

  4. Body: A keyword has been mentioned in Reddit for (client): Keyword

  5. Signature: Select your email signature from the drop-down

Test and activate your Reddit trigger and notification

Finally, you have the opportunity to test your Zapier trigger and activate it.

Clicking Test Zap will email your chosen destination provided in the previous step and update the section to either retest if you did not receive the notification or to turn on the Zap.

After confirming everything looks good, click turn on zap to activate and start tracking.

Don’t forget to name the Zap accordingly to avoid confusion as your Zap triggers are set up for keyword notification. (located in the top left corner of your zap)

Final thoughts

Linking building is a massive undertaking and an important strategy for overall SEO success.

By utilizing Reddit for linking building opportunities, you are able to expose your brand, products, and services to a massive new audience.


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