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Roles, Permissions, and Inviting People to Collaborate on Your Wix Site

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to add a collaborator to your Wix website with many options to customize roles and permissions for your specific needs.

  • Custom Roles

  • General Roles

  • Billing Roles

  • Blog Roles

  • Payment Roles

Access Roles and Permissions through your Wix dashboard

Before you add anyone as a collaborator to your website, it’s important to know what role and permissions to assign.

Wix Roles and Permissions

When you need help managing your Wix website, you can assign permissions to a collaborator to limit how much control they have over your site.

This is useful if your concerned about any security issues or prefer to limit the control you assign out.

Below is a breakdown of each role and the associated permissions available:

  1. Custom Roles

    1. Custom roles allow you to create a unique role that might not be set up through the Wix system.

    2. An example of a custom role: You want someone to manage your blogs and billings, but not be able to make edits to your website.

  2. General Roles

    1. Admin (Co-Owner)

      1. Has full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains, and inviting people, but cannot delete or transfer site.

    2. Website Manager

      1. Has access to manage, edit & publish site, but cannot manage billing, delete, duplicate or transfer site.

    3. Website Designer

      1. Can edit the site, manage settings and apps but cannot access Inbox, contacts, and other sensitive info.

    4. Back Office Manager

      1. Can access the Dashboard to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site.

  3. Billing Roles

    1. Billing Manager

      1. Can make purchases, manage subscriptions, add payment methods and connect a domain to the site.

    2. Domain Manager

      1. Can connect and manage domains but cannot make purchases.

  4. Blog Roles

    1. Blog Editor

      1. Can fully manage the blog but not other areas of your site.

    2. Blog Writer

      1. Can write posts but cannot create or manage categories.

  5. Payment Roles

    1. Payments Manager

      1. Can view and manage customer payments, but cannot purchase domains or subscriptions.

You can access roles and permissions by logging in to your Wix account and navigating to Roles and Permissions.

How to add collaborators on Wix

Now that you understand the different roles and permissions available when assigning a new collaborator to your website, you will want to invite them to help manage your site.

To get started, first log in to your Wix account which will take you to your dashboard

Wix Website Dashboard to access roles and permissions from settings
Wix Website Dashboard

After logging into your dashboard, click on settings in the far left column near the bottom

Access Settings from the Wix Dashboard
Access Settings from the Wix Dashboard

After clicking on settings, you will be brought to your main settings page where you will want to click on Roles & Permissions

General settings to access roles and permissions
General Settings

After clicking on Roles & Permissions, you will be taken to a list of current website collaborators

Click the Invite People button in the top right

View your current Wix website collaborators, roles and permissions
Current Website Collaborators

Next, type in the email address of the person you’re adding as a collaborator and select the role and assigned permissions you want to extend, and click Send Invite

add a new collaborator to your Wix website through roles and permission settings
Add a new collaborator

As soon as you click Send Invite, the email address you added will receive an invitation to accept your collaboration request.

Once they accept, they will be able to jump in and get started within the permissions you have assigned.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you feel that the email address that accepted the invitation is suspicious, you can remove it from your list of collaborators.

  • The invitation to collaborate on your website is valid for 30 days. If the person does not accept it within this time frame, you can resend it.

  • By sending someone an invite, you agree to the Wix Terms of Use.

  • All site collaborators see all media files in the Site Files folder in the Media Manager. Before adding someone to your site, make sure that all the media files in Site Files are files that you want that person to have access to. If there are some files you do not want someone to see, then delete them.

If you need help managing your Wix website, we would be happy to help!


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